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Environment, in which we live, affects the health of us all. We, people, have to understand, that human health depends to a large extent on the quality of the environment. Today’s air pollution, greenhouse gas effect, carbon dioxide levels in excess of the standards, excessive use of electricity, various chemicals, electrostatic, electromagnetic fields, and noise affects a person and can cause, not just headaches or allergies, but also other adverse reactions of the body to the environment. Understand, that to strengthen human health and longevity, it is important for each of us to take care,

to contribute, to be responsible, in what environment we live, to know, evaluate and understand, what is the general ecological situation of the Earth. Most of us understand, that the Earth is one living organism, and all living beings are parts of one organism, tightly interconnected. Because humanity does not have a second Earth, to which they could move, and existing resources are almost exhausted (raw materials and good environmental quality), it is necessary for everyone to take action individually, to produce, to create, and build more efficiently. Reduce the use of fossil fuels. 

Recycle, production and construction waste, for a second use. We know from statistics, that the construction industry is the largest user of raw materials in Europe, and the largest producer of waste (about 40 percent of the total waste stream).

   Let us all jointly promote the greatest possible interest in renewable energies, more efficient use of energy. Let’s remember, that production, construction and energy are very important areas of the economy, however, it is also the activities of humanity that have the greatest impact on the environment.


Andrius Zevertas
Director of Commerce